200 Seiten,
Buchformat 15,5 x 22 cm
52 Farbfotos
Checklisten, Kopiervorlagen und Glossar
28 Seiten Ideen-Archiv und To-Do-Listen
18 Euro

Die Autorinnen und Autoren arbeiten seit vielen Jahren als Journalisten, Berater und Trainer.

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Die Autorinnen und Autoren

Mareike Fuchs (Website)
Ulf Grüner (Website)
Christian Meyer (Website)
Dr. Katrin Prüfig (Website)
Annalena Schmidt (Website)
Christian Striboll (Website)
Thomas Walk (Website)

Vorwort von Jens Schröter, Leiter der Burda Journalistenschule
Herausgegeben von Ulf Grüner
Edition Journalismus Multimedial

Web video – tips from BBC.com

“Video content on the web must differ from TV. It should be shorter, less intermediated, less heavily produced. It should be raw and direct, not like sitting back and watching TV” Richard Sambrook interview with Richard Edelman.Fairly conventional wisdom in 2008 I think, but why is it that so much online news/PR video ignores this advice and comes across as ponderous and stilted.

Three reasons:

1. True spontaneity in any creative endeavor is the preserve of the adept. The neophyte requires a lot of preparation to produce footage that is at once watchable/listenable and “raw”. Breaking news excepted.

2. Raw and direct = handheld. Almost a cliche right? Handheld footage from handicams can easily degenerate into a confusing mess. So while even Hollywood directors are rushing towards the “immediacy”, “authenticity” of hand-held cameras, many videojournalists remain tethered to their tripods. Sure you gain watchable and professional but often at the cost of raw and direct.

3. Less intermediated = live audio only. Lack of preparation time and lack of dedicated audio equipment/personnel, result: the resurrection of the voiceover. The trusty voiceover had all but disappeared from news/feature coverage – but now it’s back with a vengeance. Not to say that the voiceover does not have it’s place in modern video, particularly when it’s woven in to the live audio a la David Attenborough. But for short web features Voiceover = heavily produced.

The solution – more preparation, more training, better equipment – more $$$$.




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